we’re entangled created as one and with a blow of the wind, separated by time oceans and lands cultures and music gods we’re a single soul in two different places in reality we’re still one it’s not a surprise then that we pull each other closer and when one of us is pulled away into … Continue reading

Jakarta’s Real Flamenco & Spanish Dance Classes!

The new Flamenco & Spanish Dance Classes with Rudy Wowor Rudy Wowor, the two-time recipient of scholarships from the Dutch government to study Flamenco in Spain, was trained under Antonio Marin, the legendary teacher that created huge names in the Flamenco dance scene. World’s greatest stages around Spain, France and other parts of Europe have … Continue reading

Ta Thei Tat – Learn Kathak Dance in Jakarta

Ta Thei Tat – Kathak Dance Class in Jakarta For registration and more information: +6287775036203 (aila) What is Kathak Dance? This style from northern India has gained immense popularity today. It is known for its sparkling footwork, fast whirling movements and subtle abhinaya or mimetic dance. It almost never fails to capture the audience and … Continue reading

A Tree that Talked

They just pretend to die. All of them. The truth is, and it is supposed to be a secret, they don’t die. We all will never die. They just make up the horrifying story about death so we all can be good to each other because sometimes we have to be threatened to be good … Continue reading

medea’s beauty secret

I’ve been to too many fashion weeks, red carpets, in the midst of so many celebrities and socialites and fashionistas, more than I could count with all of my friends’ fingers. and i do have many friends. and they would lend me their fingers to help me count. but that’s not the point. The point … Continue reading


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