Create with the Empress


The Moon: Be intuitive, look beyond seen, what’s hidden is what you need to unearth.

The Empress: Let the process of creativity flow like the work of the Empress, Gaia, the mother who creates and nurtures life. Let her create through your mind and hands. Trust the flow.

Judgement: Your hardwork based on love and devotion won’t go unnoticed. You will reap what you sow. As part of nature, you are loved and protected in the law of nature.

Have fun creating!

(Be-Do-Have spread using Gypsy Palace Tarot)


Soul Sisters & Brothers


You have your own priorities in life that you need to juggle and balance. Like you, other people have their own battles. Such is life on earth which you have chosen to live and reap from.

The real friendship does not demand you to compromise your priorities. It does not ask you to give up what you think matters for the sake of organization or cult or any circle of common liking. It does not make you lose yourself. The real friendship happens between people who preserve their individuality. It is a union between authentic, complete human beings who are drawn to one another in a natural process.

If a friendship does not make you feel richer and prosperous, perhaps you have been compromising too much. Remember, friendship consists of soul sisters and brothers who help one another in your individual quest of your highest life purposes. And everybody belongs to such bond.


You Are Love

imageThough time pushes you to leave the past behind, the wounds of the past won’t let you go that easily unless you have let yourself be healed.

So, open your heart and let the healing sun come in to turn that dark winter into the hopeful spring!

Let the light ignite your light to gently burn away events of the past that have clenched their grips on your wrists and ankles.

Celebrate your darkness, kiss it good night and send it into the arms of the winged goddess for within her embrace, everything will come back to love.

And only in love, you can live your highest purpose wholly. “You are loved. You are loved. And you are Love.”


Sweet Dream Mantra

My dream tonight
Is filled with love and light
From Divine Sophia so bright
Giving me wisdom and nothing to hide
Blessing me with the clearest sight
Embracing me so tight
Divine Sophia so bright
Come to my dream tonight
Fill me with love and light
Give me wisdom none to hide
Bless me with the clearest sight
Embrace me so tight


Spain 1778

imageFor her, life was launched in difficulty, lived among the darkness and lack of love, saved through painful sacrifices and many rejections, and ended in a murder by her loneliness witnessed by the same darkness that witnessed her arrival.

Sad it may sound, but an artist in her emerged. And before the sun set completely, among her confusion, anger, and great emptiness in her heart, she created some masterpieces. Paintings that told tales of life she herself misunderstood but felt true all the same, disguised in religious symbols, saints that possessed golden hearts but never came to rescue her or embrace her.

Before the sun set completely, she threw colors upon colors until everything went dark and she thought she had had enough. And that was it. Didn’t even bother to finish her last painting. When nothing matters anymore, nothing makes you stay longer.

Perhaps, her life could have turned out differently had she pushed further in her search. Instead of stopping at a temporary, misleading conclusion, she should have walked further into not only a transformation of life but of self. For out there without shackles of fear and anger, she would have felt the warmth of the light, and love. ■lucembearer■

The darkness that once welcomed her into the world had become her only companion. And accompanied by the darkness only, she put down her paint-dripping brush, left unfinished what could have been another great mournful piece.

If only she had known that it was a being of light who once caught her falling… But she would have never known. It had been too dark, too dark, for her to see. And the loneliness sounded just too loud on her ears.

Loneliness, leave her alone! But it wouldn’t.

Accompanied by her faithful darkness, carrying her frozen heart that stopped waiting to be thawed, she let the loneliness take her life.