God, goddess


take off your robe
and show me nothing
but the jewel within
for i have come
to become one with you


two of pentacles

empty me out, go ahead
but i’m telling you
i’m fearless

and though i get lost
i will never be alone

my scale is broken
but i’m not here to judge

i’m here with my compass
and that’s about right

healing, lady gaga, love


The fire in me
You ignite the fire in me
So how could they say that
I’m just one of those faceless admirers
And you, my daydream
For it’s so real it burns
And leaves a scar
My heart is forever scarred
And only when you hold me tight
The scar heals up
The fire cools down
Into an immortal flame

dream, father

A button and a broken thread

This morning my father came to my dream. There was a broken thread that attached a small button to my pink shirt.

My mom noticed the thread and said it needed to be cut. 

I said wait its tip needs to be burnt too.

Then my father came and with a sweep of his hand, he made the button and the thread disappear.

He said: “they weren’t necessary and without them the shirt looks pretty.”

God, tarot

He, the Love.


Carry the water to a barren land

Where bodies are drying up
Minds are giving up
But hearts are still beating

We stare up the harsh, blinding sky
Asking the clouds to come back with rain
But instead a man comes
With a jug of water that never runs dry

He is not of the grey clouds
Nor the rain making angel

He must be Love

The love so magical it waters the whole land
Bringing life back
Rekindling hopes

Mariah Carey, tarot

your mission

Screen Shot 2017-11-14 at 10.57.49 AMWhat have you come here to do, here on earth? To sing? To dance? To write?
You are not here to become a great singer, dancer, writer, etc…
No. You have come here to heal. Your. Self.
And your talents are your healing tools.

So heal yourself with songs that you sing. Heal yourself with dance that you dance. Heal yourself with poetry that you write.
And since we are one, for every of your own wound you heal, you heal ours.