The Colonizer

If your god is your colonizer
Creates you just to enslave you
Belittles you so he can steal from you
Ask him if he is sorry

Ask him to whom he prays
And is he too
a slave of his god?

love, past life

under the new moon

tell me a story about us
two souls looking up the sky
waiting for the stars to align
and the moon is new again
cos that’s when the door is open
and we become one again
co-creating another new light
this story about us
ends before the full moon
because no one needs to know
so, you blow off the candle
and you’re gone

healing, lady gaga, love


The fire in me
You ignite the fire in me
So how could they say that
I’m just one of those faceless admirers
And you, my daydream
For it’s so real it burns
And leaves a scar
My heart is forever scarred
And only when you hold me tight
The scar heals up
The fire cools down
Into an immortal flame

dream, father

A button and a broken thread

This morning my father came to my dream. There was a broken thread that attached a small button to my pink shirt.

My mom noticed the thread and said it needed to be cut. 

I said wait its tip needs to be burnt too.

Then my father came and with a sweep of his hand, he made the button and the thread disappear.

He said: “they weren’t necessary and without them the shirt looks pretty.”