dream, father

A button and a broken thread

This morning my father came to my dream. There was a broken thread that attached a small button to my pink shirt.

My mom noticed the thread and said it needed to be cut. 

I said wait its tip needs to be burnt too.

Then my father came and with a sweep of his hand, he made the button and the thread disappear.

He said: “they weren’t necessary and without them the shirt looks pretty.”

God, tarot

He, the Love.


Carry the water to a barren land

Where bodies are drying up
Minds are giving up
But hearts are still beating

We stare up the harsh, blinding sky
Asking the clouds to come back with rain
But instead a man comes
With a jug of water that never runs dry

He is not of the grey clouds
Nor the rain making angel

He must be Love

The love so magical it waters the whole land
Bringing life back
Rekindling hopes

Mariah Carey, tarot

your mission

Screen Shot 2017-11-14 at 10.57.49 AMWhat have you come here to do, here on earth? To sing? To dance? To write?
You are not here to become a great singer, dancer, writer, etc…
No. You have come here to heal. Your. Self.
And your talents are your healing tools.

So heal yourself with songs that you sing. Heal yourself with dance that you dance. Heal yourself with poetry that you write.
And since we are one, for every of your own wound you heal, you heal ours.


to the greatest light

It’s not that I don’t fancy colors because I do, or flickers of light because I do.

I just want to arrive at a spot where none has even been conceived, the possibilities of existence that are locked safely outside the crystal bubble of sanity.

I breathe away shapes and scents, scrape off murals of devotion and stamps of conditional love.

All I want is to see myself when nothing else stays.

And then maybe, maybe then I as nothing else but flame, lighter than the lightest feather, can float up pass the empty thrones of who once were king and queen, greeted by my twin flame.

And we’ll burn as one in front of a giant goblet that holds the greatest light.

healing, Parallel Lives

A Letter to Tevret

My dearest Tevret,

When you’re not comfortable in a situation as a young girl, run! Angels, Mother, and Father are protecting you through the presence of kind people who will shelter and help you. Run now! Don’t think that you’re helpless, don’t allow any bad person to hurt you in exchange of money or food. I understand it is saddening for a young girl not to have a family of her own, but you are never alone in your life. We are here as your family, friends, and responsible adults who love you and want only the best for you. Tevret, listen, run to our shelter. Don’t ask where or how, just run and we will catch you.

Your body is a sacred temple. If bad people touch your body, and you’re not powerful enough as a young girl to protect yourself, never blame yourself. Think: No matter what happens, your body is still your soul’s sacred temple and your soul will shine the darkness away from it, healing you.

You are beautiful, Tevret, we want you to be loving, brave, and strong, and say No! to stop them from hurting you. Don’t be afraid, you are loved so we won’t let you starve. You were born to accomplish great things! I am hugging you tight with the most love and light that I have.

Your other self,


what do you see

Dear Father,
What do you see from eyes that aren’t veiled?
Beauty in its utmost light and colors. Love without ego or fear. You with all your potentials and the best version you are supposed to be and how easy the road is to get there so you don’t need to worry. All you do is breathe and put your faith in today and all your feelings and inspirations. I see love bigger than yourself and I am proud of what I see.