the refugees

Curl up in the dark
Knees stuck to the chest
Like it’s the only thing left
To keep you going

Run for your life
To the other side
Only to find there’s nothing left
There’s no life left

Why did you run away
Why didn’t they let you stay
you’ve lost all your ways
but your hope of one drop of ray

run for your life
losing your life
trying to save it
trying to make it

why do they make you scared?
Why do they make food stale?
Why do they take all away
All that they’re supposed to share?

Greasy floor
Stinking smell of decayed dreams
One more breath
After the last one
Til you make it
Til you see the light

dance til you glow

Spiral inward and outward
With the Triple Goddess
Purge and heal
Dance til you glow
Let her robe wrap you
while an emerald angel
Pours a cup of golden light
down your spine
Brush against the sun within
Spark and ignite an explosion of love
And the wind stops swirling
Dried leaves fall slowly to the ground
And you go on dancing
Til your glow heals the world


I won’t take your happiness away
I won’t take your sadness away
I will just be there
And feel you fully
Tell you it’s okay
You are just moving forward
Even when the road spirals down

I won’t let you run away
I won’t let you numb the pain
I will just take you home
Undress you let you feel
And if you think you are
running out of strength
I will prop you and
lend you mine

Cos I love you, Girl
And you owe me nothing
Your existence is
Cos I am loved, Girl


Be happy wherever you are. Don’t look for happiness outside when you can fix it inside. When you’re happy, the right doors will open up, not the back door through which you’ll only run away. Enjoy the time of purging and relaxing. Make no decision until the moon shines brighter on your side. Til then, just be happy and trust that your future is in the good hands and wings.



threefold strength

What do you think you’re doing?
Are you tearing yourself apart in three?
Or showing us what a threefold strength looks like?

Who came up with either-this-or-that rule in the first place, anyway?

One out of two but you repudiate

Life is an ombré
Colors can be so beautiful and different
In places we overlook
Forget the name, nobody can spell it out

And that’s exactly the color of your threefold strength