Behind the Door

golden lightDoors only have one desire:
To be opened.
So, I submit to this white wooden door
As white as my robe
And mirrors only have one desire:
To be looked into.
My long hair is brown and wavy
And the longer I look at my reflection,
I become it.
The next thing I know, I have stood before me.

The garden is lush and dreamy and I walk barefeet to a trustworthy pond of crystal-clear water.
Behind me is a woman of golden light with long, wavy golden light hair.
“I am your Mother. From my womb you are born.”
She smiles and takes me to dive into the pond, which crystal-clear water turns into a solid golden light, the same color as Sophia.
“Come and bathe yourself in this light. This is your true color, your true light. We share the same light because from my womb you are born. Come and  bathe yourself in this pond to solidify your light. So you always remember who you are.”

The grand golden temple shines as bright as the sun on its backdrop. We swim through the pond and arrive in front of its door. Then Sophia leaves me to approach the golden statue of Isis myself. The statue is as tall as the columns that decorate the temple, and it turns out that the statue is Isis herself.
“I love you, I love you,” I don’t know how many times I tell her that.
On her right hand is a clear crystal sphere with silver white light. I let it seep through my left palm hand until my whole body shines the same silver white light. Until I become the silver white light.

And I just stand there, enjoying this pure energy and adoring Isis until Magdalene in her pure rose quartz light picks me up.
“Let me take you to another pool of light. This one is lavender. Just go. Somebody else has been waiting for you there.”
I came to this temple through the golden light pond and leave it through the lavender light pond.
I swim and float and look around excitedly. Who else could be waiting for me? He or she must be another light being who loves me unconditionally.
I swim and float and look around some more until I realize that it is me who has been waiting to dance in the sweetness of this lavender light with me. It is me who has been loving me unconditionally. And to me I come back.

I see the mirror I came here through. And I see myself looking back.
I step back, trace the door knob with my right hand.
Doors only have one desire:
To be opened.

Say Hi to Sue!


Bright, lovely little girl that brings joy to the family and grows up to be the keeper to her family’s heir, wealth, and tradition.

She has some anxiety that sometimes keeps her awake at night, perhaps insecurity and impatience about waiting for her dreams to come true, anxious that they may never come.

You are here now to help her be patient and trust that everything happens at the right time for your own good.

Value the present moment and stop counting your wealth from the ego point of view because you are actually provided abundantly.



silhouette-girllines of flame frame the void, silhouette so beautiful she haunts you, longing for your touch, but you are saving your heart only for her other side.

because she confuses you, she gives you no clue.
she’s just your self-denial.
she’s just the dark side of you, during those witching hours where you feel that light has left you alone, standing far away against you.

step closer, if only you’d look closer.
step down the whirling stairs, breathe in the damp air.
reach for the key to the dungeon where you have been locking her up.
And look closely, she’s just you.

and when you see tears of love in her eyes, they are your tears and they are your eyes.

My Cat Sister

imageRed and black tabby cat. But this one is really red, though sometimes is plum. She got me tongue-tied in awe. I thought there was nothing that I could do to stop her from walking out of the door, but I noticed that she had this long leash on and the other end got stuck under the door. Quickly I grabbed that end and slowly pulled her back into the house.

I followed her climbing the staircases and suddenly I found myself riding a soapbox plane  of which the cat was the pilot. I couldn’t see where we went or how high we flew, but it wasn’t for long before we landed safely on the ground, back to the house.

She came to a room where I was listening to the Emperor talk about his relationship with God. I picked her up trying to sit her on my lap, but she hesitated. I felt her body stiffened. I stroked her slowly. With my hands, I could feel that she is also a goddess. I could see she also had a crescent moon on her forehead. When I felt this, she softened a bit, but still confused. Perhaps she hadn’t completely realized who she was and what our relation was. Then I remembered a trick:

“Isis…” I whispered the name slowly, twice, emphasizing on the letter ‘S’, in parseltongue.

And, not only the cat softened, surrendered, she curled up in submission to the name we both knew very well.


(The image is Ghostly Tree with Black Cat by Laura Iverson)

The Goddess Way

imageWhen the universe embraces you with her wings of love and abundance, the source of your sadness and worry is your own insecurity. The truth is, you are complete and perfect wherever you are in your journey of life. You are on the right place at the right time and you need to experience what you experience now.

So, allow the fun, optimistic side of you to welcome life with open arms and big smile! Take one challenge at a time, conquer it from a place of trust and wisdom, knowing that it is your ticket to the next level, another badge to collect on the way to mastery.

Close your eyes and look into your center from which the light of the Goddess shines bright. Let her brightness magnify and envelop your whole body. This is you. The loving, giving, authentic, and abundant you, who are loved unconditionally so you are endlessly rich.

And from now on, your life becomes full of energy, purpose, and your heart lighter because past no longer worries you. You are focused on what matters now and the road to your higher life purposes becomes clearer.