Be-Do-Have Spread with Smith-Waite Tarot Centennial Edition Deck


After twelve non-traditional tarot and oracle decks, I finally gave up and bought this faithful reproduction of the original Rider-Waite Tarot deck first published in 1909. Going by some other names, but basically always the combination of ‘Rider’, ‘Smith’, and ‘Waite’, this deck was drawn by Pamela Colman Smith from the instructions of A.E. Waite, and published by Rider Company. And, after cleansing it with my amethyst pendulum (it did spin anti-clockwise for sometime in the beginning before giving a sign of ‘OK, clean and ready to party!’), I laid out three cards for my Be-Do-Have spread.

Today, I need to be instinctive, wise enough to listen to my heart in order to read between the lines of where the truth likes to peep.

I need to let go of what I am beginning to define security with. I am usually good at being detached and relying on my inner strength for security. But, lately I have started to lose grip and take comfort behind shopping unnecessary things. To buy things that I don’t need now, means I rely on the stuff to secure my life in the future. The energy of false anticipation. And what’s worse, the fact that I hear my conscience, but choose to ignore it because ‘I don’t know when I am going to come back to Bangkok so I might as well buy these stuff now!’.

Anyway. At the end of today, given that I become the Moon and I do not follow the four of pentacles, life will be great. Things will fall into their perfect places, the moving process will go smoothly in a calm, collected manner.

Walk Towards the Light


Five of Cups
A place with which I have weaved a beautiful connection will always have a part of me, as I her. Today I shouldn’t be grieving for what I am about to leave behind. Today I shouldn’t be trying to hard to color the empty edges. What we are is complete. Today, I walk towards the future with two cups full of love in both of my hands.

King of Cups
A few days left for me. A lot of love for this city, colleagues, and friends. A lot of prayers, meditation, distant healing, and gift shopping for the loved ones I am going to see in a week. All I need to do is become love.

The Sun
Because love leads me towards the light. And it’s not just any light. But, the light of the ultimate love. And when the light is as big as the sun, it means joy, love, renewed creativity, and celebration for many people around me and myself! Thank you, Yesterdays. Hello, Today. See ya tomorrow, Tomorrows!

I Am Dream


I am Dream. Wish. Passion.
Follow me for I am taking you to your real treasures: your self. your purpose. your reason. that reunion with the divine love in you and in your soul flame, too. Pack a lot of strength with you in this journey of materializing me. You may think you don’t have enough or your fear has taken up much space. But remember me: your Dream. Wish. Passion. Remember your real treasures that are already yours to claim. And you will be strong again.
I love you and you love your self enough to get up and follow me.

(The Star, The Lovers, & The Strength of Pearls of Wisdom tarot)

Emerald Green Costume: A Closure of A Chapter

Life consists of moments. I don’t know how prominent one moment should be to materialize itself into its own slab of spirit, but the most important ones, the deepest imprinted ones, stay with you even when you think you have forgotten them, or left them behind, and replaced by new ones.

I may have taken one dance style seriously, but she takes me even more seriously. We were so bound together; I breathe life into her in every move I make until she becomes a full creation: A slab of spirit that restores all of my joy and beauty, my love of stage, light, and applause.

emerald greenAnd then life goes on and I find another dance style, which speaks to me even deeper, understands me even better, channels my soul even stronger. And a moment comes where I change my commitment that to follow my heart, I have to go with what liberates me, what brings me closer to myself.

Life consists of moments. A new slab of dancing spirit is created. New feelings of joy and beauty, self-discovery, and deeper love are sculpted into a full creation. And I forgot about the old one, thinking that she is supposed to go away because I don’t want her anymore.

But this old moment never forgets her memory, and in the dark she misses me. She wants me to come back and dance with me one more time.

I realize that what I have created cannot simply disappear, and that before writing a new chapter I have to put a proper closure to the previous one, to let her rest in peace.

Thank you for dancing with me, but understand that I need to dance what my soul wants to dance. You are one beautiful, enriching moment that I will cherish forever. Be happy, I am now free.

We take a bow and smile at each other. Her emerald green angrakha slowly disappears. She is now a complete chapter.