An Indian Healer

Red and black

Saree wrapped around my brown skin

My long, dark hair was tied low

Sharp features, heart focused on making him

Feel better

I was confident, I knew what I was capable of

But it wasn’t the time or place to boast it

I was humbled and honored

To be the servant of the real Healer

The Wanderer

​I am a wanderer and I have come to a village
Where people stick by one another
And being alone means being an outcast
I am a wanderer
She tells me that is not who I am
Who I am is I
And I have wandered alone enough
And now She wants me to arrive to this village
Without my armors
Without my ropes
So they can lend me a hand
Show me the other face of love
And how my heart is still expanding
So huge it gradually becomes one with the others
I am a wanderer but She tells me I am not
I am not a settler but She says I am all and I am none
So here take my hands, Villagers
I may not be one of you
But for now I am

Soul’s Mind

This mind of my soul
Delicate, not really leak-proof
Soft with love
Bright with light
This is my core
That can be broken
But I won’t let you
Because you can’t steal my light
Can’t make me believe that I am not loved
In the dark, my hope won’t slip away
My life won’t fade away
Faith ablaze like stars at night
I rectify: this heart can’t be broken
I won’t let your darkness breaks in

a broken heart

Heart is your core, where your soul’s mind is. Heart is really broken when it is not covered in ice or fire of ego, when it is love and light and the dark breaks in. When you rip someone off her hope, when you steal her light, that’s a broken heart. The real meaning. You lose your chance to live. Keep the light on, keep it warm with the love you have and keep it wide open with faith.

the refugees

Curl up in the dark
Knees stuck to the chest
Like it’s the only thing left
To keep you going

Run for your life
To the other side
Only to find there’s nothing left
There’s no life left

Why did you run away
Why didn’t they let you stay
you’ve lost all your ways
but your hope of one drop of ray

run for your life
losing your life
trying to save it
trying to make it

why do they make you scared?
Why do they make food stale?
Why do they take all away
All that they’re supposed to share?

Greasy floor
Stinking smell of decayed dreams
One more breath
After the last one
Til you make it
Til you see the light

dance til you glow

Spiral inward and outward
With the Triple Goddess
Purge and heal
Dance til you glow
Let her robe wrap you
while an emerald angel
Pours a cup of golden light
down your spine
Brush against the sun within
Spark and ignite an explosion of love
And the wind stops swirling
Dried leaves fall slowly to the ground
And you go on dancing
Til your glow heals the world