The Art of Balancing Act


She stands firm on the ground with the greatest balance and inner gravity. She mixes cold and hot, ice and fire, moon and sun. She sustains the universe because universe is about balance. This is what I need, or perhaps, this is what I should be and even though keeping my universe in her equlibrium point is a constant job, it should come naturally cos, hey it’s nature and that’s how it is supposed to be. I just need to get the hang of the trade.

So, perhaps I need to take life not too seriously. I just need to flow and trust that I am guided. After all, the page of Coins looks so optimistic, and greet life with beaming enthusiasm! To her, life gives her thousands of new adventures and each adventure is a game that she will always win. So why worry? My attitude is my prayer and from now on, let’s come from abundance!

Because life doesn’t run based on one rule or two. Your thoughts limit your reality. I have stopped defining many words since long time ago, like happy, love, self… Just because they are much bigger than any combination of words available in the third dimensional world. So, my life is what’s outside the box. Security is never about money. Security is never about tying things upon your backyard tree. The funny thing is, when you realize that security is about the reunion of you and your self, those material securities follow. (@lucembearer)

temperance, page of coins & four of cups of Joie de Vivre Tarot

When You Get Stuck


Sometimes, you run so fast and steadily toward the finish line burning with confidence that you are going to come out as the winner, or that you are going to accomplish the goal.
Sometimes, a few seconds away from the glory, you get stuck. Probably physically, most of the time mentally… and you get confused as to why things don’t work out the way they are planned, even when everything else looks perfect.

In the stuckness of a situation, where you feel trapped and that you have failed or you start blaming the universe for having given you the shortest straw, you tend to react from the cluttered mind and from the insulted ego. you block the sunlight. you try to rearrange the furnitures in the dark. and you don’t even know that it all started from a blocked pipe somewhere in your system. what you see now is only a mix of depression and bad moves that is dragging you further away from your destination.

You have forgotten that you only need to find the blockage and pull the plug. Then you will feel that gradually you are not bloated anymore. Your head stops banging and your chest expands with clean air. Then you suddenly see the same problems from a clearer point of view. The windows are opened and light comes through. In the light, you react based on love, not fear. Aggressiveness and defensiveness are replaced by trust in the universe. With trust, your ego softens, liberating your soul… your higher self. you are back in control, receiving all that you are supposed to receive, watching your dreams unfolding one by one.

The Lovers

Sephiroth - XXI  Sephiroth - VI  Sephiroth - II

The universe is where they are now, what they are part of, what becomes part of them, what manifests as they unite. They are within the universe as much as the universe is within them. They live their lives as two separate individuals taking cues from the Divine Love, they take each breath without regretting the one before nor worrying about the one after. Where they are now, they exercise what others perceive as impossible: to complete each other against all odds like everyday is their last.

Even if you know who your soul flame is, even if both of you have come to the realization, it does not smoothen the way, the process. In fact, where you are now, with every breath that you take, your soul demands more and more exercises, more honing to perfection, to be able to reach to that very stage of completeness… so that you can move on… and so that you can go higher as one soul flame. Every task of every chapter is not to test your strength or your crystal’s ingenuity. Because your soul is strong, and your crystal is genuine. It is simply to help you climb faster, to show you that you are able, to show you who you really are. The whole process is to take you to where you are supposed to be. To your higher purposes as two individuals and as one love.

The embodiment of the divine feminine and masculine, perhaps. The unity of light and love. Of Shiva and Shakti. Of Yeshua and the Magdalene. Whose combined energies help sustain, better and nurture life within the universe.

(The Universe, The Lovers & High Priestess of Tarot of Sephiroth)

You and I


The door is opened, blurring the boundary between the comfortable box here and the colorful new world outside. The wind blows, handing me a sample of the fragrances, patiently yet seductively waiting for me to take its cue. Will I stay, or will I step out? I am weighing both offers. Nothing wrong, nothing right. There are only consequences of my own judgement. And that’s where you jump in. You help me see this. And you help me help others to see this in their lives. That we are the author of our own book. That in divine order, there is no punishment. There are only love and light, and the separation from them.

King of Pentacles
In order to work in the mode of responsibility, I need to adapt the bullfighter attitude. His impeccable self control and the integration of heart and soul are mind blowing. He meditates inside the arena. He stops his mind from wondering and makes it his slave instead. He is grounded, he is the king of the world who achieves this state by taming his own ego. He represents the kind of prosperity that is not fuelled by material desires, but by the thirst of spiritual connection with his self. And everytime he quenches his thirst, earth celebrates!

Wheel of Fortune
Your lesson on judgement exercised by the bullfighter in me can’t work more perfectly. We so need each other that we create a circle of rainbow in the process of completing each other. Like yin and yang. Father and Mother. Light and Love. It is not about good news or shower of candies everytime. It is about the perfect balance of life. It is about beauty. It is about dancing together no matter what.

(About my connection with Prisma Vision Tarot)


“uhm… hello…?
…umm… excuse me. yah. no i’m not dead. i’m still here. just not really here. but i’m here. is this um… keyboard still working?
…yah it is. okay.”


Maybe the first dream is THE STATUE.
It is a bronze statue in front of a church in an unnamed city. i can’t really see the church that stands a few hundred meters behind the statue, but somehow I know.
Then, suddenly the statue turns alive and comes approaching me. It is a woman. And I am told that she is The Magdalene.

Now the second dream must be THE FLOWER. I am sitting at a cafe facing a girl friend, then what apparently to be a full-bloomed sunflower in a crystal (or glass) vase starts moving and turning and creates some invisible spiral of aura around it. And I stick my stretched palms onto the table, my eyes fixed on the turning flower in the vase, I feel my lips smile and my eyes sparkle so much they hurt, and I hear myself say: “It’s Magdalene!”

The third one, which I call THE CAT OWNER, happens in a strange house. I see a dead woman seated on a rocking chair up on the 1st floor. She doesn’t try to be sweet or look pretty when she decides to get up and float down the stairs and stops in front of me. I am not horrified, because somehow I can sense that she can’t help posing her zombie-like stare at me (for she’s actually…well, dead) even if she tried harder not to. Anyway. She sees a bright aura right behind me, a warm, bright light bigger than me, and she tells me: “She (The Magdalene) has a cat.”


we’re entangled
created as one
and with a blow of the wind, separated by time
oceans and lands
cultures and music gods

we’re a single soul
in two different places
in reality we’re still one

it’s not a surprise then that we pull each other closer
and when one of us is pulled away into the darkness
the other will simply disappear

Ta Thei Tat – Learn Kathak Dance in Jakarta

Ta Thei Tat – Kathak Dance Class in Jakarta

What is Kathak Dance?

Pt. Birju Maharaj & Saswati Sen

This style from northern India has gained immense popularity today. It is known for its sparkling footwork, fast whirling movements and subtle abhinaya or mimetic dance. It almost never fails to capture the audience and this ability is probably because of its long history in the courts of emperors and kings.


Kathak is all refinement, whether it is in
your hastakas, your body, your mind or in your total being.

Nahid Siddiqui

Who’s the dancer?

Aila El-Edroos started learning Kathak dance at Jawaharlal Nehru Indian Cultural Centre, Jakarta, in the late 2002 under the guidance of Ms. Nandini Sinha. ICCR then granted her privilege to learn more of the dance style at Kathak Kendra, New Delhi, from where she learned under the guidance of Guru Shri Krishan Mohan Mishra for three amazing years.

Aila El-Edroos

New Delhi’s authentic art ambiance also brought her to take up an advance course of Kathak dance from the living legend himself, Pandit Birju Maharaj. She couldn’t have been luckier to be able to work with celebrated Kathak dance choreographers and perform on many great Indian stages.

After finishing the three-year diploma courses, Aila went back to Jakarta to continue pursuing her dream: to spread the unique, immortal style of story-telling and to interpret human experiences through Kathak to people in the city.

Dancing kathak is a realisation . Dancers
should treat kathak as an invocation.
Pt. Birju Maharaj